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Wood Fuel Supplier

In order to be a reputable wood fuel supplier, it is important that you provide your customers with a fuel that meets their individual requirements, along with supplying a fuel that matches your own description. This can only be done by implementing regular in-process testing, supplemented by regular independent, laboratory testing.

Independent third party testing will also give your customers confidence in the fuel that they are purchasing and also in you, as their fuel supplier. 

At Wood Fuel Testing, we can provide:

Accurate and precise testing to EN/ISO standards, to suit all requirements and budgets.

Dispute resolution – Has your fuel been questioned?

Contract testing services – get your fuel tested regularly at a discounted rate

Consultancy services

Chemical testing.

Moisture content

Fuel moisture content is the critical factor in fuel energy content. Incorrect moisture content for an appliance will create issues of incomplete combustion, corrosive gasses, smoke, tars, chimney fires and appliance damage.

Wet fuel is a common customer complaint, and is often the first area of investigation following a poorly performing boiler. Wet fuel represents poor value for money to the customer as they pay for water, not energy.  This is usually the case when the fuel has been mis-described as being to a drier moisture content than it is.

If you are supplying logs for use in a stove, industry best-practice is to ensure that all seasoned logs are sold with a MC <25%, and many DEFRA exempt appliances require firewood <20% MC.

Having your fuel tested by Wood Fuel Testing will eliminate any doubt over the moisture content. We can also provide resolutions to a dispute over the moisture content of wood fuel by accurately testing to the current standards.

Wood Fuel Testing Limited provide a quick, easy and independent way to measure moisture content in wood fuel.

Particle size distribution 

Like moisture content Out of specification chip or hog fuel can damage a system by blocking augers and rotary valves, and breaking gearboxes in biomass boilers.  Excess fines can create inefficient combustion, smoke and fly ash. 

The first area of focus in a poorly performing boiler is usually the fuel, and boiler owners will typically hold fuel suppliers responsible for boiler breakdowns, and having no accepted quality control system in place leaves the door open for costly consequential loss and repair bill claims, as well as a disgruntled customer.

Having your fuel independently tested and verified by Wood Fuel Testing gives both you and your customers the confidence that your fuel meets the required specifications.  Regular testing gives wood chip suppliers the confidence of being able to eliminate the fuel as the source of a problem.

Contract testing

We can provide contract testing services to suit all requirements and budgets, from load specific to annually, giving you piece of mind that your fuel has been correctly tested and meets the required standards.  

Chemical Testing

We can also provide chemical testing services to test for trace elements found in the treatment of timber.  We would recommend using this testing service if you are using any fuel from a reclaimed or waste wood source.